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Enterprise Digital Solutions

As a Business Solutions Provider in the digital age we must first consider our client's many enterprise level needs.  These needs will extend but not be limited to office productivity suites, broadband Internet services, data hosting, colocation integrations, disaster recovery support, Software as a Service (SaaS) hosting, and a wide array of professional services.

Personnel Services

A major philosophy in business practices is that "the people make the business".  With that being said; the digital services and resources of today's business enterprises are finding themselves being further refined by the concepts of User Experience and User Interaction.  There are three fundamentals of these User components; education, productivity software solutions, and physical asset availability.

Education or training if you will can be seen as the base of a company's productive pyramid. Education has been defined in part as the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession. In a digital landscape the imparting of knowledge and skills can be formatted in webinars, network hosted courses, and media assisted group clinics.  Whereas acquiring particular knowledge is rendered useless unless hosted and available in such formats as company wikis, knowledge base articles, and FAQ forums that readily available.

Productivity Software Solutions can come in many and varied forms.  Foremost will be common "office suite" software for the collection and communication of a company's data; such as word documents, spreadsheets, publications, and presentations.  It must also be noted that software resources